The Importance of Professionalism

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Being professional is easy- it just means you get paid for what you do! Even businesses performing badly can claim to be professional, until they run out of customers! Maybe this is why “professional” is one of the most overused words in business. It can’t really be challenged, as the description is subjective.

It shouldn’t be this way. Businesses are clamouring to be recognised as outstanding, so why stop at being professional? What people really want from a chauffeur is to be exceptional and dependable. I would argue that this is what customers want from all their suppliers; wacky, zany and quirky are great, but you also need to deliver the product, otherwise it’s just money down the drain. Deadlines must be met- in our business that mostly means the car arriving on time, but additionally we aim to confirm all our bookings by email within an hour and all our passengers are supplied with the driver’s number the day before their journey. These details are part of the service that makes Airport Lynx special. A successful business will keep its promises; its customers will depend upon it. I once attended a seminar on the success of Amazon, which revealed that the main reason for its rise was the quick and reliable delivery. Amazon have recognised that its customers want their product quickly and efficiently.

Further to being utterly reliable and dependable, professional businesses need to always be looking to innovate and find new areas to improve their customer experience. This is where the exceptional part comes in; your competition will always copy you (if they can be bothered), but by then you will be looking for the next way to impress your customers. Some of the ideas won’t work but many will.

By combining dependability with exceptionality, I truly believe that a business will be as professional as it can be. Customers will remain loyal and others will seek out your service.

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  • Mike Holland says:

    Absolutely spot on – just doing what one is paid to do, being reliable, honest and so on.
    I have used your taxi service for the last 6-7 years for my twice yearly trips to Cambridge – airport drops for my family – and always had a great professional experience. But the best recommendation of your professionalism is that I am able to book a car for my elderly mother when she is travelling to visit me, and your drivers take super care of her both to and from the airport – and she is so happy and grateful to have some old fashioned service, even from young guys, with patience, courtesy and professionalism.
    It’s no wonder your business is doing so well. Keep it up.

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