Drink Driving

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Whilst cases of drink driving have reduced dramatically in recent years it is still an ongoing problem, especially during the festive season. Even one death caused by a driver under the influence is one too many.

Don’t Drink At All

There’s no way to know how much you personally can drink and still remain under the legal limits as it depends on your gender, weight, age and things like the amount of food you have eaten or how stressed you are. So if you are driving later, it is easier to avoid alcohol completely to be certain. Imagine if you were responsible for a death yet still under the limit, the ‘what ifs?’ would haunt you for the rest of your life. Saying no to all alcohol means you won’t be tempted to have ‘just one more’. The same is true for friends who are driving, don’t offer them alcoholic drinks and make sure those who are drinking aren’t tempted to get behind the wheel.

  • Make plans in advance for getting home, book a taxi or designate a driver
  • Take turns to be the designated driver, so it doesn’t always fall to one person
  • Ask family to be on call should you drink unplanned and end up stranded. Offer to do the same in return as it’s better to be woken in the night with a call to pick them up than a call by hospital staff after an accident.

The Morning After

Remember that you are likely to still be over the limit the following morning so even if you feel alright, don’t be tempted to drive too early. Sleep, coffee and greasy food may help with a hangover but they won’t reduce the alcohol in your blood, only time will. Plan a lie-in or if you have a busy morning where you need to be on the road, don’t drink the night before or book a chauffeur. 


The biggest consequence of driving whilst over the limit is causing injury or death to yourself or another person. Should you escape this fate there are other reasons it can destroy your life. If you are caught drink driving you face:

  • Time in prison
  • A 12 month driving ban causing loss of independence or even your job
  • Up to £5000 in fines
  • An increase to car insurance when you are allowed back behind the wheel
  • A criminal record and problems travelling to some countries

Drink responsibly and you can avoid becoming a statistic. If everyone followed this advice the roads would be a safer place for all.  Let us hope one day soon there will be no more deaths where alcohol has played a part.

You can Watch the Drink Aware 50th anniversary anti drink-driving campaign here

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