Stranded abroad – your rights explained

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So you’ve had a fantastic holiday or a very successful business trip abroad but are looking forward to being home, catching up with family and friends and (perhaps most importantly) sleeping in your own bed. Then disaster strikes; or the workers do! A cancelled flight is disruptive to all concerned. Know your rights when you are left stranded overseas and you can get through the experience with minimal stress and a perhaps also a hefty amount of compensation!

If you are travelling from or tothese countries using an EU airline then you have rights. You can choose to either get a refund or await alternative transport to your destination. Take care! If you choose a refund you are on your own and will not be entitled to accommodation, food or drinks. (Even if you aren’t travelling to/from these countries, in some cases the airline will offer their own support so talk to them and ask what help might be available).

Awaiting alternative transport to your destination? Whether your flight was short, medium or long haul you should expect to be looked after. Food and drinks (or vouchers to purchase these) and in the case of being stranded overnight, appropriate accommodation should be provided, including transfers to and from the hotel. If you purchase these essentials yourself, keep all receipts so you can claim costs back once home. Don’t let the airline out manoeuvre you though. They may tell you to speak to your insurance company and that once they’ve booked you a new flight, their job is done.  

Always check your travel insurance. They may provide cover when an airline doesn’t, or allow you resources to book onto a new flight with a new airline and be home in no time at all.

What about the inconvenience? If you feel compensation is due, you are not alone. To be entitled to compensation your new flight must land at least 2 hours later than your original one. The cancellation must be the airline’s fault and not for extraordinary unavoidable circumstances, for example severe weather grounding flights. The good news is that a minimum of 250 euros could be yours and as this recent news story shows it could be a lot more!

Whatever happens with your flights, the easiest way to complete your journey home is to book an Airport Lynx Chauffeur. We can help soothe the stress of flying and transport you safely and comfortably to your destination. Remember you can let us knowif you are delayed and we will amend your booking at no extra cost.

Photo Credits: Klm Architekten – Hochbau und Interior and Oliver Mallich.

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