Steve’s Thoughts on Uber

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I was sad but not surprised to read the recent wave of stories about ride sharing smartphone app Uber, concerning account hacking, surge pricing and compromised passenger safety.

I’m often asked how I feel about Uber – whether I see them as a threat to our business. Honestly, no I don’t.

As I’ve explained before, taxi apps are pretty similar to the price comparison sites – they’re a good idea if all you want is a basic service, where the biggest and cheapest firms will usually win. If you have any special requirements, such as a particular driver, a reference on your receipts or anything bespoke, you are unlikely to get any special service, even if you do manage to speak to someone in their customer services department.

Companies like Airport Lynx compete in this crowded market, not by trying to match or undercut the budget companies, but by listening to customers and making our service individual. If all you want is A to B as cheaply as possible and you don’t care about what driver you get or how vetted he is then Uber will always win!

It’s really interesting to see that Uber hasn’t made as devastating impact in London as it has in other cities in the world. Maybe that’s because we have an established mature minicab profession that is already using high levels of technology to improve customer service. The main area that Uber are damaging is the black cab trade and we’re following with interest Cambridge’s attempts to keep this operation away from our city.

At Airport Lynx we don’t raise our prices when demand is high. We don’t slash prices to entice customers and we certainly would never let your personal details fall into the wrong hands! We simply offer our outstanding service as standard with every journey, for the price we quote.

We have the luxury of being able to personally meet and vet each of our staff members, which is the beauty of a small company. Our customers tell us that they appreciate the personal approach and they like finding out who will be taking them on their journey in advance. Although we’ve recently expanded, we’re really keen to maintain the ethos of a small company and our new offices in Cottenham mean that we have a hub where our chauffeurs and support team can spend time together, maintaining our outstanding team spirit.



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