Introducing Lynx Autocare.

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We’re really pleased to announce the opening of Lynx Autocare – our very own garage attached to our offices in Cottenham. Here we’d like to introduce you to this new service, which will be used to keep the Airport Lynx fleet in tip-top condition and is also open to the public.

Cars have evolved a lot in the last few decades. They all used to have conventional ignitions, brakes and steering. These days, they are controlled by various computer systems. We can see some amazing results of this in terms of comfort and safety. As a vehicle travels at different speeds, the steering sensation stays constant, for a smooth and comfortable driving experience. In the case of our Mercedes S class – our luxury saloon cars – as you go around corners the side of the seat pushes you in so you don’t slide around! These technological leaps in engineering means that we need to have state of the art equipment to service modern vehicles. At Lynx Autocare our brand new garage facility combines this kit with unrivalled technical know how and the excellent customer service you expect from Airport Lynx.

The primary function of Lynx Autocare is to look after the Airport Lynx fleet, which consists of 17 vehicles and 10 of our chauffeurs’ cars. We will save a considerable amount of time and money by carrying out our own services and repairs, which will allow us to continue offering competitive travel rates.

We are extending the services of Lynx Autocare to the public and we think that this will particularly benefit the residents of Cottenham and the outlying villages. We offer a high quality service, which will hopefully enable us to build up a large and loyal customer base.

At Lynx Autocare we currently have two lifts, so we can work on two vehicles simultaneously and we have plans to extend this capability in the future. We offer a full spectrum of vehicle servicing including four-wheel laser alignment, which a lot of companies don’t have on offer. This is a really crucial service for the health of your vehicle. The average tyre costs £60 fitted and they are often fitted in pairs. Regularly checking the geometry of your wheels can save unnecessary wear and tear and therefore replacement. We can offer four-wheel alignment for £45 plus VAT, which in the long run could save you an awful lot of money. This should only need doing once per year and you’ll really notice the difference in the longevity of your tyres. Wheels will go out of alignment if you go over speed humps, which are so common in Cambridgeshire!

We can’t currently carry out MOTs due to the size of our premises, but we have local contacts that we can recommend for testing. Our manager, Kerry, is a class 4 MOT tester and is up to date with the new regulations, so we can prepare a car to pass its MOT. In our experience the larger commercial companies will charge a lower fee for the MOT, typically £30-£40, but if the car fails they’ll charge you a retest fee so your cheap MOT will end up very expensive! Our aim is for your vehicle to leave Lynx Autocare in a safe and roadworthy condition. We won’t do lots of unnecessary work in order to push your bill up – we’re looking to build long-term relationships with happy customers.

It takes some people a lifetime to find a garage they can trust. We hope that you can find that in us.

Please follow us on Facebook for all our latest news and offers and please ring us on 01954 430410 with any questions, or to book your service.

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