3 Must have apps and tools to Organise and Focus

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At Airport Lynx we’re really keen on adopting technology to make our business run smoother. We know that lots of our customers are also constantly searching for ways to do things smarter and faster. That’s why when we come across any great new tools or tricks, we want to share them with you. Here’s what has caught our eye recently.

10 to 8.

If you’re looking for a way to manage your time, without hiring someone to control your diary, the app 10 to 8 might be your new best friend. This app allows your customers and colleagues to see when you’re free and book appointments. It also reminds everyone in good time about your meeting, which can drastically cut no-shows.  This app is packed with features and is free for small businesses. We imagine that this would complement Sunrise, which has transformed the way many of our customers organise their online diaries. You don’t need to be your own PA! Get an app or two for that and spend more time doing what you’re good at!

Unroll Me

Is your inbox heaving with unread emails? It can be a massive source of stress for many people when their inbox resembles the magic porridge pot! We’ve started using the excellent Unroll Me service, which bundles all of your subscription emails into one easy to digest message. It also gives the option of quickly unsubscribing to certain email lists. However, you might find that if you can see all of your subscription emails at the same time (you can choose how often you receive them) you might finally make time for them, rather than considering them to be unwelcome interruptions to your working day. Unroll Me is free and works with many different email clients.


Since we’re talking about interruptions… what is your soundtrack? If you struggle to concentrate with the noise of your office or home, why not try the Focus@will app? This app plays you specially selected music and sounds, which are tailored to help people stay on track for extended periods of time. Think of it as spotify for high achievers! It’s been scientifically proven that music with recognizable melodies or vocals can shift your attention away from work, so choosing to listen to Focus@will can keep you in the work zone for longer. Think of how much more you could get done, or how much earlier you could go home if you worked smarter. There’s a no obligation 30 day trial on offer at the moment. We’d really recommend taking advantage of it!

We hope these suggestions are useful for some of you. If you try out any of these tips then please let us know. We won’t tell you off for interrupting us. Promise!

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