Airport Lynx and Sherlock

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At Airport Lynx we’ve recently invested in a brand new dispatch system: Sherlock. We’ve had this in place for a few weeks and we’re pleased to say that it’s working really well. Sherlock was developed for Addison Lee, the biggest minicab company in Europe, so we know that it is more than capable of handling Airport Lynx’s bookings. Sherlock will enable us to grow Airport Lynx, while maintaining the first class service we’re known for.

What’s new?

Customers may not initially notice a big difference as we transition between the old and new systems. Our homepage has now been updated, you may notice slight differences in our correspondence and you will need to re-enter any credit card details, as these were encrypted in the old system. However, over time we’re sure that everyone will appreciate the many benefits of Sherlock.

It’s now really fast to register your details with us (literally it takes minutes!) and  once you login you can plan and book more complicated journeys, such as picking up or dropping off passengers in multiple destinations. You can also access all your previous bookings, which makes it even easier to book your next journey.

How does Sherlock help the customer?

  • Quick online bookings can now be made on our homepage
  • Journeys can be quoted online, and these no longer need to go through an airport.
  • The web portal (and soon apps) will create a user profile in which passengers can make, view, amend or cancel future bookings and track their cars en-route.
  • There will be no difference between personal and accounts customers – the same booking services will be available to all.
  • Journeys will be quicker and even less stressful as Google Maps with live traffic data will guide our chauffeurs and help them avoid the jams!
  • Customer signatures will be taken at the end of each journey so customers will always know what is going on their bill.
  • Customisable booking screens for account customers will enable passwords, reference numbers, spending limits and much more.
  • Customers will always know their price before booking, with a clear and consistent interface.
  • Customers can choose between tariffs, enabling them to get a VIP car for less.
  • Emails and SMS notifications will clearly and consistently keep passengers informed when cars are booked, when the driver is allocated, when the car is on its way and when it’s waiting.

 How does Sherlock help us?

  • Sherlock stores all customer information, referenced by telephone number, so we don’t need to ask customer details repeatedly.
  • The sophisticated pricing engine utilises Google maps so that we can consistently access quotes from and to any destination with any number of stops in between. No more rate tables and estimated prices.
  • Pinpoints exactly where our cars are – this would alert us if any cars were running late (not that they ever are!).
  • Sherlock’s sophisticated algorithm considers the position and time it will take a driver to get to the job AND suitability of the vehicle. This minimises waiting times for the customer and the driver and ensures that work is allocated fairly between Chauffeurs.
  • Checks flight details in real time so we can track flight delays.
  • Tracks complaints and allows issues to be raised to management.
  • Stores driver details – enabling us to ensure adequate rest is taken, which keeps our drivers and customers safe.
  • Stores up to date information on licenses and training.

As a consequence of installing Sherlock, we will soon be able to roll out our much-anticipated EcoLynx service. We’re looking forward to telling you more about this soon!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us by email or telephone (01223 440040). We are always really happy to hear from you.

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