It started with a tweet…

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At Airport Lynx we’re really proud of our connections to local businesses and the community and we aim to support local charities whenever we are able.

Recently we found out (via Twitter!) that a local playgroup at the Ross Street Community Centre was in need of a shed to store their outdoor toys and we were really happy to help out. Airport Lynx joined forces with two other local businesses to buy the shed.

We then went along to the playgroup to meet and chat to the children and staff to find out the impact of this donation.

Rachel Matthews, the Early Years coordinator explained to us that facilitating outdoor play is a really important way of supporting children’s physical development and honing their gross and fine motor skills. Having a number of outdoor toys means that the children get to also practice their social skills – the trikes and bikes are really popular so the children need to learn how to share! To listen to the full interview with the playgroup, please click here.


The Ross Street Community Centre is an amazing local resource, where all sorts of families can access the healp and support they need. We are really keen to build on our relationship with them and we have promised to make a further donation to them very soon. We are very sproud sponsors of the Big Summer BBQ on Friday 24th July at The Fort St George, where Cambridgeshire businesses will be able to meet and network. In addition to sponsoring this event, we are also using it as an opportunity to do some further fundraising for Romsey Mill.

At the BBQ the very talented caricaturist , “Mr Sketchum” will be doing a 5 minute portraits of villing volunteers. For every person who tweets their sketch to @airportlynx1 with the hashtag #ccbbq2015 we’ll donate £2 to Romsey Mill. If you make your portrait your profile picture for one week, we’ll make that donation £5!

If you don’t already have a ticket to the Big Summer BBQ, get one quickly here.



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