John Lewis Cambridge beauty evening

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At Airport Lynx, you know we’re not afraid to try something new. So when we heard that John Lewis Cambridge were hosting a Beauty Evening this month we figured it would be a great way to meet our customers and give them an evening of pampering!!!  And what a night it was – we met so many people – it was great to put faces to names, to sneak extra bubbly for them and make sure that the canapés ladies and gents made a beeline for our special guests. The only thing we were disappointed in, was the fact that none of our guests won the huge beauty hampers in the raffle!

Nicky and Katie – the Airport Lynx Office Queens – have asked us to say thank you to everyone who emailed in after the event to say what a great night they’d had. We would also like to thank you all for the great feedback you have us on our services and for thinking ‘outside of the box’ when it comes to meeting customers. If you have any ideas or hear of other events where we could invite you all to meet up, please let us know – we’re really keen to do more of it!!!

Here’s some quotes from the attendees on the night…

I think it’s a really good idea for Airport Lynx to invite us to this beauty night at John Lewis – I’ll certainly be doing as much business with you as I can for the next few months after this lovely experience! And I brought my Mum – it made it easier to attend because I wasn’t at work this week, I was at home so I’ve come in this evening, so it was easier to come in with somebody. It’s nice because lots of things are just for employees, so I think it’s been really good, yes, thank you.
Caroline Elvidge, British Antarctic Survey

I think that tonight just shows the great care that Airport Lynx takes every day.  I only use Airport Lynx – exclusively – and I feel so safe and taken well care of with the drivers. In fact, my husband uses them as well – I switched to Airport Lynx because of my husband’s recommendation about how good the service was and how great the drivers were. The customer service is fantastic.  Even if I call up late at night and say, oh my gosh, I forgot I have a flight early in the morning, Airport Lynx is always there for and the drivers are so personable and take such good care of me. And there’s wifi in the car as well! I wouldn’t use anyone else.
Karen Siegfried, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Tonight is a great evening – I think it’s really important for all businesses to work together.  So we’ve got representatives here tonight from the Grand Arcade and from some of other competitors, because although we all want people to shop with us it’s really important that business in Cambridge as a whole does really well, so we almost root for everybody because it’s really important that Cambridge people feel that they’re well serviced by all of the services that are available in Cambridge, be that Airport runs, be that lipstick, whatever it might be, it’s really important that all of those things come together.
Helen Turner, Operations Manager, John Lewis Cambridge





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