Saving time when travelling

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Saving time when travelling is something that we know a fair bit about – we have a number of clients who travel with us frequently – and it’s those that we see making most use of their time with us in the car en route to or from the airport. There are two things they do – make use of tech whilst en route to the airport and then, once they’ve done all they can, they go to sleep – the latter apparently makes it less frustrating an experience when a flight is delayed; there’s nothing worse than having down time and not being able to get to sleep in a waiting area and wishing you’d slept in the car!

If you’re interested in saving time when travelling, check out some of the things our frequent fliers tell us they are doing en route to the airport….

  1. Charging their phone, tablet and/or booster for the journey ahead
  2. Making use of our built in wifi to download films, TED talks, audible books or kindle format books
  3. Downloading documents from emails to read on the plane
  4. Uploading documents from laptops and tablets to cloud systems – to free space and/or share with others and/or for security whilst travelling
  5. Doing all of these things as soon as they get into the car, and sleeping for as much of the journey as possible.
  6. Drinking water, water and more water to ensure that they are hydrated before sitting in the recycled air in the plane.
  7. Processing receipts and expenses – usually done using a tech app like xxxx  If they are still using paper processing, they email their document to the appropriate person, put the receipts in an envelope, ready to post back to the office before they get o the plane.
  8. Researching different types of places to visit in their all too brief down time – museums, local shows, restaurants, specialist shops – and even asking on Twitter for recommendations to review on landing at their destination.
  9. Identify local co working spaces and find working spaces at airports.
  10. Check in with other people who regularly travel for work to see who they can meet up with, network and learn from – you’d be amazed at the plans people can make in a 90 minute car journey!
  11. Find places with established running routes, gyms and pools to maintain exercise routines and find ways to beat jetlag.

Which of these sound useful to you? Which sound totally outlandish? Which can you imagine you might have a go at? We’d love to hear of what’s working for you and the places you’ve found that are useful, fun or interesting whilst travelling with work?

Interested in finding out more about other people who travel regularly and meeting up? Check out


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