Meet the Driver – Marcin Ossowiecki

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Airport Lynx - meet the driver - Marcin Ossowiecki

Our Meet the Driver for July is is Marcin Ossowiecki. If you’ve already met him, you’ll know that he’s a lovely person to chat with on a journey. He came to the UK from Poland 9 years ago for a holiday and found that there were lots of opportunities here so decided to make the UK his home. He’s since made lots of friends, met his partner and their son Adam came along two years ago. Marcin decided to join Airport Lynx after hearing brilliant things about us from a friend of his. Marcin has always preferred longer car journeys and decided that chauffeuring was for him! Marcin’s favourite journey is driving into London City airport early in the morning – he loves the view of the City as he travels down the M11 especially if he is lucky enough to catch the sunrise.

In his spare time Marcin likes to spend as much time as he can with his family. Aside from that one of Marcin’s favourite pastimes is tinkering with his motorbike, which he loves riding. You can also find Marcin occupied by an interesting book – he finds reading very relaxing and enjoys the downtime. Marcin’s most memorable holiday was the first time he took his son abroad when he was eighteen months old. They went on a family holiday to Kos and Marcin loved watching him explore the area, play on the beach and splashing around in the sea.

Where Airport Lynx is concerned Marcin’s most memorable journey was going into central London to collect a passenger for the first time – he had been lots of times as a tourist but driving there was a totally different experience and he says he’ll never forget it. I asked Marcin our usual question relating to lottery wins and cars – I was really surprised when he told me that if he had the choice he would like to look into a Tesla, as he hasn’t had chance to drive one yet but really likes the look of it. However, considering his growing family he would probably get a Volvo XC90 too!

While Marcin is motoring along in the daytime he prefers to have peace and quiet rather than listening to the radio. In the evenings, he feels it’s a totally different experience and you’ll often find him listening to Radio 1 as he enjoys the music and interviews from up and coming bands.

Has Marcin driven you anywhere recently? We would love to hear what you thought of your travel with him!

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