Meet the team: Liz Weston

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Well, this is rather strange – to be interviewing myself for our “Meet the team” feature. I’m Liz Weston – I’ve been with Airport Lynx in a number of roles for four years. I started doing our PR and newsletter, before adding in social media and most recently, took on doing more marketing and sales for Airport Lynx, acting as the go to person for our corporate and business customers.

The best bit of my work is being out on the road, meeting customers and potential customers. I love to learn about how teams travel and how they make sure that suppliers meet their standards. No two businesses are the same so it’s a constant source of pride for me, that our technology is so flexible and yet still, robust enough to support everyone from a two person team to a multi national with complex requirements seven days a week.

I love to drive. I love cars. My own Dad started life as a mechanic and it’s no surprise that my Husband and his family come from a garage and cars based background as well. In fact, my very first sand pit was made using a huge tyre from a HGV truck, so I really have been around all things automotive from birth.

My favourite journey is one where there is no traffic to hold me up – there would be nothing more infuriating than sitting in traffic five days a week – on both the inward and outbound journeys – I don’t think I’d be able to do that. The closest I come to this is taking our eldest to his swimming training five days a week – it can bring on a headache and bad mood. I’ve always enjoyed driving at night – I relish eating up the road in our car when we travel North to my own Mum and Dad.

Car wise, I’m a fan of all things Volvo but also appreciate many cars from Audi. My Husband had an Audi when I first met him and everyone laughed when I said I knew he was a keeper because he kept his A3 four by four drive car so immaculately! I currently drive a Nissan xci 35. I like it because I sit high up on the road and our family likes it because it’s comfortable and has plenty of charging points for our various technology and kit.

I’d very much like for Airport Lynx to move into the Range Rover market – I think our customers would appreciate the luxury and feelings of security. I appreciate that it’s not particularly cost effective though and am getting on board with our ever expanding range of Jaguars as they are introduced to the fleet.

I would like to drive across the USA – my Husband and I like the idea of a camper van, but not the regular break downs that seem to come with them. Perhaps we need something like the van below, to enable us to travel in the style that I’d like to?



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