Meet the Driver – Carlos Huthmacher

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Carlos is one of our newest recruits and can be found driving around in a lovely Blue E Class Mercedes. Carlos is from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil but has German links on his father’s side. He is happily married, has a 10 year old son and has recently moved to England from the United States of America.

While living in America Carlos worked in Orlando and Miami driving celebrities around in a limo. His most famous passengers are Tiger Woods and the late Robin Williams. One particular story that sticks in Carlos’ mind is when he went to collect some members of a basketball team from Atlanta but they wouldn’t fit in his Cadillac Escalade as they are really, really tall and broad men. In the end the company had to call five Lincoln town cars to fit them all in! The guys were really nice and found it all quite funny.

I always love asking our drivers why they chose to work for us, Carlos explained that one of his friends had said great things about the company and Carlos has found his judgement to be correct. He explains that the team at Airport Lynx are really professional, friendly and helpful and that he is very happy to be part of the team. We are equally as happy to have Carlos working with us.

In his spare time Carlos loves spending time with his son and wife – favourite activities are going to the cinema, visiting parks and playing sports such as tennis and football. When Carlos has some time off to himself he loves to go walking, read, work out at the gym or go swimming. Sometimes you can even find him in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

Carlos’ favourite holiday has been to the Wakapapa mountain in New Zealand with his family. They all had a lovely time and he encourages everyone to visit there at least once.

If Carlos won the lottery tomorrow the cars he would purchase are a Bentley to use for work and a Camaro Black 2010 for fun!

Carlos is a very happy gentleman and finds it a pleasure to serve people and ensure his customers are happy. It makes his day to know he has made his customer’s lives that bit better with a stress free, luxury transfer to the airport.

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