Business and first class travel – who and what to look for

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Many of our customers travel long haul regularly and use business and first class travel as a way to ensure that they are fresh and ready to go straight to their work on landing. But for those of us who do not travel first or business class regularly, you might be forgiven for thinking that it’s an extra expense which isn’t needed when it can actually have a huge impact on your journey experience.

For personal travel, when looking to travelling in any class above premium economy, we recommend that you look at the prices of each carrier and what it is that you receive from them on your route. There’s less point in paying extra if your journey has a sleep over and nowhere for you to actually sleep between each leg of the plane journey. Check with your airline for the most up to date details on this.

If you’re taking an overnight flight, you’ll definitely want to look for planes which have flat beds – apparently with an angled bed, you’ll be struggling to stay in one position and not ‘slip’ down the seat whilst you snooze.

If you’re going to travel business or first class, we also recommend that you find out what the services are at your departure point – if there is a spa, private lounge and a bounty of food offerings, make sure you allow plenty of time to use them without rushing. For more information on this Lounge Review has some useful comparisons and reviews.

For any flight, it’s also a good idea to use something like Seat Guru – it will inform you on the layout of the seats within each class. If you’re travelling alone, you may want a seat in the middle section – meaning no one will need to clamber over you to go to the toilet. You’ll also be able to see where your potential seat is in relation to the toilets – you may not wish to have people hanging around your pod chatting and queueing whilst you’re trying to sleep.

Regarding which class to actually go for, there is some debate on whether there is actually a benefit to being in first class instead of business. Business Insider have even gone so far as to list their thoughts on why business is a better spend of your money!

If first class really is your thing, you’re still going to have to make some choices. Would you prefer Singapore Airlines, whose cabin crew are trained to tuck you in whilst you go to sleep? Or Cathay Pacific, whose first class pods are so huge that there are only six of them on each plane? The next step up comes from Lufthansa – you’ll have a separate seat and a bed to choose from, along with freshly pumped oxygen though air humidifiers. The experience you’ll receive from Emirates is legendary – you’ll have a suite with its own door, a full bathroom with rain shower and all the luxury you’d expect and communal lounges within the centre of first class, for the times when you’re wanting to mingle with fellow travellers.

The ultimate of ultimate though, is Diamond First Class, from Etihad. First class travellers have their own suite comprising a lounge, double bedroom and en suite shower. There’s a full lobby which acts as a communal space and your own personal butler to attend to your every need. Click the image above and check out the videos they’ve made to show every detail off to potential passengers!

Which of these sounds most attractive to you? Which would you most like to travel using?


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