Meet The Driver: Mick O’Donoghue

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We’re delighted to bring you this month’s addition to our Meet The Driver hall of fame. Mick O’Donoghue has decades of driving experience – before joining Airport Lynx, Mick was a driver for a multinational driving company for 11 years. A real family man, he joined our team so that he could spend more time with his family and do more driving in the UK.

Mick’s earliest memory of car driving was when he took his driving test for the first time. It was a very wet day in Wellingborough and he was optimistic about the outcome. Unfortunately, he didn’t pass. It was only years later, after passing his test at the fifth attempt, that he discovered that his driving school and several others in the area, had been taken to court for being in cahoots with the testers to ensure that people did not pass their test! From there he went on to qualify as an advanced driver and is a fully qualified security driver and loves his work – especially as he now drives his favourite car brand every day – Mercedes.

If money were no option he’d choose a Mercedes CLK with all the bells and whistles available, although not until all of his children were driving themselves independently! Even though some of his 9 children are quite small, he has already decided that he won’t be teaching any of them to drive. He can see how little they listen to him at the moment and thinks that his children will learn better with someone other than himself!

When he does have more time to himself, he’s already planned a road trip. As he loves Spain and the food, wine and culture which comes with it, he wants to drive from one side to the other – and take plenty of time to do it, so he can really enjoy everything there is to experience. He’s already asked “The Mrs” if they can move there but as she’s said no, he’ll be UK bound for many years yet.

With all his London driving, Mick was the driver of choice for Kylie Minogue whenever she came in and out of the UK. This pleased his wife immensely as she’s a huge Kylie fan. His personal favourite to drive though, was Lorraine Kelly – she was great company and always on time for her collections and pick ups.

Wherever he is driving, the question he is most often asked is “What do you when you’re finished?” He says it’s with great pride that he always has the same answer – to go home to the Mrs and the kids – his favourite people. See, he really is a family man! 

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