Which car should you choose for your journey?

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The question we’re always asked here in the office is “which car do we need for this journey”? And our answer is always the same “it depends on how many people you have and how much luggage you all have”.

Our Executive car is our most commonly used vehicle. Our Executive fleet uses Mercedes E Class cars. They are suitable for up to four adult passengers with hand luggage only. We usually recommend that three passengers use this car though, for comfort.

If you have four adult passengers and they all have luggage, we recommend our MPV. This is usually a Galaxy car and it will have the capacity to accommodate four passengers comfortably with checking in luggage.

When you have more than four passengers, we suggest that you look at the luggage because that will determine which vehicle will best meet your needs.

Our large MPV – usually a Mercedes Viano, can accommodate seven passengers with hand luggage. If your group have luggage, we suggest that this is best utilised for a maximum of six passengers, with one suitcase each.

Once you are at eight passengers with luggage, we recommend that you utilise one of our 12 seater minibuses. This is so that we have enough room for everyone’s luggage and ensure that everyone is seated comfortably.

When you have 12 passengers with luggage, the 12 seater minibus will meet your needs. From there, our 16 seater mini coach has ample space for up to 16 passengers and full luggage – hand luggage and check in luggage.

We know that there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution when travelling and our recommendations are a guide for your information and reference. If you have questions or are unsure as to what will work best, please call the bookings team on 01223 440040 or email info@airportlynx.co.uk – we’re always happy to help.

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