Travelling with children – how to make the most of it

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I was about to write a round up of the best articles I’d read recently on travelling with children. But the truth is that there’s one website in particular that I’ve found to be really good for a broad range of tips, ideas and problem solving – Tots To Travel. I’ve never travelled with them and this is in no way a sponsored article – I just thought that there was so much good stuff on it, that we should do some signposting to their most useful pieces to save you time and mental effort in scouring the net yourself!

  1. Keeping valuables safe whilst you are on holiday is something that no one likes to think about – we all want to feel that we’re going to somewhere that’s a home from home and will be a haven of relaxation. The thing is, when we’re abroad we often stick out – not least because European children always seem to be better behaved than our own, so it’s important to take care of your belongings. Their suggestions are practical regardless of how old your children are. Read more…
  2. Finding a villa that will work for you and your family can be really tricky – how do you know what something will be like, without visiting it? The Tots to Travel team personally vet every single villa they host so they really are experts when it comes to advising on pools, locations and the types of places you could go and stay in. Read more…
  3. My favourite post on the site at the moment is on the myths about travelling with children. I particularly like the contributions on whether children can remember holidays from when they were small – ours definitely can! They remember the smallest of things – the badge they got for taking part in a game, the ‘cake’ they ate at breakfast and being allowed to stay up late and scoot about on their suitcases in hotel lobby’s. Read more…

Airport Lynx is proud to serve families in getting them to and from airports as they travel together. We had a large collection of car seats of every shape and size. We loan them to parents to fit themselves on each journey, at no extra cost. If a family wants to take their own seats to and from an airport that’s fine as well – we’ll store them for you and have them ready for your journey home at no extra cost. It’s enough work in getting everyone into the car, the last thing you need are hidden extras being charged!

If you’ve been on holiday with children we’d love to hear your thoughts on how it can be made easier and more fun for everyone – the smallest things really can make the biggest difference and we’d love to benefit from your collective experience!

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