Meet The Driver – Silviu Antoniac

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July’s meet the driver is Silviu Antoniac. Silviu specialises in driving our executive mini coaches – he’s perfect for our larger vehicles because he has many years of experience in driving huge lorries across Europe. When I opened our conversation regarding cars and what he’d like to drive, he said that he’d like to have an Audi A6 or A8. I replied and said that I preferred the 4 x 4’s but would not like to park it. Apparently once you’ve learnt to park a lorry in the strangest of places everything else is easy!

Silviu would very much like for Airport Lynx to introduce Audi cars to our fleet – he feels that they are big cars, with lots of space inside. He thinks that the power is consistent because of their engines which are reliable.

Having now spent a number of years living in Newmarket, Silviu hails from Romania. His Dad still lives there whilst his Mum is in Italy. He likes Newmarket – it feels to him to be a place where he can put down roots and he says the small village he’s in is now beginning to feel like home.

Silviu entirely prefers to drive in the UK – apparently the drivers are no better at their actual driving but they don’t get into arguments as much here! Silviu hates to see drivers using bad language and getting into actual arguments on the road. He understands why people get frustrated in Romania though – use of signals is optional and no one can figure out the intentions of the driver in front of them! As a lorry driver, Silviu could see everything – including people in their ‘small cars’ constantly using their phones for Facebook. He found this very frustrating.

When he’s not driving, Silviu can be found in the gym. He used to play a lot of football and misses being part of a team. He enjoys watching Manchester United whenever he can and follows their progress closely.

If you’d like Silviu to drive you on your next group journey, please let us know. We know that our customers get to know drivers and are always happy to match people together whenever we can. Call us on 01223 440040 or email for details and a quotation for the journey.

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