Meet the driver: Donatas Laucius

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This month we’re pleased to introduce you all to Donatas Luacius. Although he’s only been driving with us since the start of the year, he’s already become a popular member of the team and regularly requested driver. Donatas comes from Lithuania and lives in central Cambridge with his wife who is also Lithuanian, having met her here in the UK. They have one son age four and another on the way, so it’s a busy time for him domestically at the moment.

Having driven in different capacities all of his adult life, Donatas loves working with our customers – especially when they have booked an early morning journey to Gatwick or Heathrow. He likes to stop for a latte with sugar before collecting a customer at the airport whenever he can and is now getting to know regular customers and sometimes has one ready for them when they come through arrivals!

Donatas drives one of our Mercedes E Class range in his regular work but if money was no option at all his dream car would be a BMW 7 series in a high shine black colour, with all the ‘bells and whistles’ added to it. Donatas loves to drive – he says it’s all he’s ever known and that he finds it to be very relaxing – he focuses on the road and finds he can use it to clear his mind. This also means that it’s not a problem when he encounters traffic, which is something that he was used to in Lithuania.

If he could drive anywhere in the world, Donatas would like to use a big truck to drive the highways and mountain roads across the USA. He thinks it would be great to see both the big highways and the more local roads. He’d like to really get a feel for all the different ways that people drive there – he’s been intrigued after watching tv shows showing the many varied experiences people have there.

Closer to home, Donatas is the sole driver in his family – his wife doesn’t drive. He says he feels very lucky that she is not a back seat driver though – she doesn’t give him instructions or input on his driving. It’s never a quiet journey though, because his four year old can always be relied upon to ask lots and lots of questions about where they are going, how long the journey will take and about the world around him! They regularly travel to London as his parents live there and his son is now recognising places and the changes that naturally happen whilst on the road – it means he becomes aware of things as he sees them from his son’s perspective.

So, when you next have Donatas driving you, please do take a moment to comment on the tractors, fields and outside environment – it will remind him of his son and no doubt start some interesting conversations!

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