Reflections on team work and customer service…

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Disclaimer: Apologies if this feels to be a somewhat rambling post. This is a subject that I feel passionate about yet struggle to articulate as I’d like to!

I’ve just returned from a week in France with our boys and another family with boys of the same age. It was a great week of diving into new things (not least in working out how to ask for 20 pain au chocolat at 8am each day) – but it also highlighted to me just how important it is to teach them about the importance of playing your part in a team.

The boys were tasked with emptying the dishwasher and re filling it, clearing plates and setting the table. They did this with relative diligence for the first 48 hours but at some point thereafter I noticed that:
a. enthusiasm diminished for the work and things began to not get done properly
b. they decided they didn’t want to do the same thing repeatedly because the novelty had worn off.

Being children, I took the opportunity to launch into another of my famous life skills conversations: I explained that teamwork is about showing up and doing your best work every time you’re needed – and that it really becomes of value when you keep doing it, to the same standards, once the initial novelty has worn off. If half of my waxing lyrical went in, I’ll be happy with it for the time being….

On my return to the office I’ve found that we’ve had two emails of feedback from customers – one who has been with us for a number of years and another from a new customer.

The established customer wanted to thank us for helping them when plans changed at very short notice – we juggled drivers and journeys to ensure that everyone was in the right place at the right time. They had come to have a whole new level of appreciation of our customer service – they didn’t realise that our team all worked together as we do – they marvelled at our ability to see where everyone is at any given point and utilise our knowledge to add in extra journeys to meet their needs. This made me realise the importance for us of always looking for opportunities to keep on sharing our developments with our customers – and conversely – to make sure we know of how they are growing!

The second email, from the new customer, was from someone who had travelled with us for the first time and wanted to give us feedback. The sentence below was of particular interest.

“I was nervous that our driver would not turn up (a reality reported from customers from your competitors), but the text we received the night before helped to alleviate our fears.”

The thing that struck me as I read and re read her email was that previous experiences with other providers in our market had given her an expectation of what may ‘lie in wait’ for her with us. At Airport Lynx, Myhills Minibuses and Lynx Autocare, we pride ourselves on our service for every single journey we do. We put our best feet – and wheels – forward every time we get into a car or start our work here in the office.

In fact, whenever we interview someone for a driving or office based role, we ask them for examples of great customer service – we want our team to recognise the value of it. In each playing our part to the best of our ability, the entire team benefits and this all flows through to the customer – consistently. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. Every day.

On re reading this post, it strikes me that perhaps this feels to be a touch Ministry Of The Obvious? But it’s obviously not, because if our standards of consistently excellent customer service come as a pleasant surprise to our customers, someone somewhere else isn’t providing it!

So with confidence, I’ll close on this – please expect excellent customer service every single time you travel with us – and trust that we will deliver it.

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