Meet The Driver: Piotr Babuch

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It was great to interview Piotr as our featured driver for this month’s newsletter. Piotr is a wonderful, interesting person. His positive reflections on life and the world around us can’t help but give a boost to everyone he meets!

Piotr has been interested in cars all of his life. One of his earliest memories is of his own Dad wanting to have a car but not being able to afford one. He finally achieved his dream of car ownership at the age of 40 and Piotr was determined to have one of his own – to experience the freedom that they bring – before that age himself. Sure enough, Piotr took his driving test at the age of 20 and passed first time. It’s a good job that he did as he’d already bought a car and secured a job with a high end retailer which would require him to drive regularly!

Upon moving to the UK 14 years ago, Piotr began driving in London. Whilst he loved the driving, he wasn’t as keen on the standards of driving around him and after seven years, he moved out to St Ives for a slightly slower pace of life and driving pressures…

Pitor’s dream car is definitely not what you’d expect it to be. A number of years ago, his galaxy was bumped from behind and needed some work. The replacement car was a midnight blue Nissan Pathfinder and Piotr was hooked. It was a petrol car so it wan’t economical but it was such a wonderful drive that he didn’t mind. He was very sad to hand it back once his own car was fixed two weeks later….

So now, if money was no issue at all, he’d choose another of those!

I then moved on to ask Piotr about his work with us and how he finds the driving. The thing that shines through is how much he loves his work – he loves his sleep and prefers to not drive at night – because he wants to be sure that he’s totally fresh for his passengers and to serve them with a perfect journey experience. His perfectionist traits have been passed on to his son, who is very particular about his cricket kit. At the age of just 14, he’s been chosen to play for Hertfordshire County Cricket team and is meticulous about keeping everything clean and in good condition.

Piotr confessed to me that he’s not entirely sure of what happens in the matches but he’s always there and applauds at the appropriate points. If you’re in a car with him and understand the rules of cricket, please do take some time to share your knowledge with him as he’s keen to learn in this area!

Piotr also shared that his organised approach has been honed since childhood – he was in the Polish equivalent of the Scouts from 7 years old and was active for another 20 years, taking groups of children on outward bound activities boating, sailing and climbing. It’s his love of the outdoors that led him to tell me that his dream drive would be to drive across New Zealand. He has a globe trotting friend who says that of everywhere he’s been New Zealand is the place to go back to time and time again, so he wants to try it himself.

I ended our conversation with a reflection on his thoughts about being a chauffeur driver. Piotr was quick to tell me that he views it to be a privileged occupation and that it is not for everyone. Being a chauffeur requires that you are more than an excellent driver – to be a chauffeur you need to be comfortable carrying bags for others and happy to serve them. You also need to be someone who can accurately sense the expectations and needs of other people – some people will prefer silence as they travel, whilst others will want to have a conversation and sometimes, to offload about their day and their domestic juggling which enables them to travel. According to Piotr, being a chauffeur driver means that you need to be a positive person who understands the absolute discretion and confidentiality that is automatically given for each and every person who travels in your car. Whether you’re a CEO, frequent flyer or irregular traveler, Piotr takes pride in ensuring that everyone receives the same first class experience.

As we can’t ask for more than that, we’ll leave it there and hope that you have the pleasure of being chauffered with Piotr soon! You can book your Airport Lynx journeys via the website at, by email via or phone on 01223 440040 or via the app which is both Android and iPhone friendly.


“Love airport Lynx . Booked over the phone to pick up my mum from Heathrow , excellent meet and greet services and the driver even took my mum through some pretty villages as she told him it would be her last trip to Europe . Because of your excellent service she decided to return to Heathrow the same way.”
Jo MacDonald, June 2017. 


“Highly recommend Airport Lynx. Immaculate staff and vehicles. And a real pleasure to have someone else negotiate M25 traffic on Friday night, as our flight was delayed. Thank you Team”
Lisa Chapman, August 2017.


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