The Airport Lynx guide to car journey etiquette

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Both our drivers and the bookings team are regularly asked questions about the etiquette of travel and we’ve had some great conversations about scenarios and experiences in other countries and closer to home. We thought it would be useful to share some thoughts in this area in a Q and A format.

Q. Will the driver always come and ring the bell when they collect me from home?
A. If it’s 4am, they will use their judgement. They will look for lights on at home, come to the front door and make sure that you’ve seen that they are there and ready to collect you. If they cannot see lights on and any sign of movement, they will ring the doorbell to alert you to their presence. If you’re a regular traveller, you can of course ask us not to ring the doorbell, so that we don’t potentially wake other people – especially the smaller members of your family – unnecessarily.

Q. Will the driver carry my bags?
A. Your driver will always offer to carry your bags and put them in the boot of the car. They’ll ask you if you have hand luggage that you’d prefer to keep with you and establish what should go in the boot. Please do not be embarrassed about this – it’s their job and they are happy to help you in this way. If you’d prefer to handle your luggage yourself, that’s also absolutely fine. Please just let the driver know and he or she will open the boot or rear doors for you to do this yourself.

Q. Will the driver know who I am? How will they find me?
A. The driver will know your name. The driver will know your address and if you’re travelling for work, they will know your organisation as well. You’ll know what the driver looks like as you’ll have a photograph of them in your confirmation email the evening before travel. They are always at the pre arranged meeting points – please check your confirmation emails for full details on this. Our drivers are great people – they are in the right place, at the right time, holding their Airport Lynx / Myhill’s Mini-Coaches boards with your name on them and are confident to talk to people who are in their vicinity and ask them their names. If you’re not a regular traveller, we know you might not be used to his – but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how smoothly this comes together – and of course, you’ll also have the driver’s mobile number and our office to hand on 01223 440040 to help if you aren’t sure.

Q. Where do I sit in the car?
A. You are welcome to sit in the back or the front seat of the car. Our drivers are there to make your travel as comfortable as they can so if you’d prefer to be in the front, please let your driver know and they’ll be happy for you to do that.

Q. Do I have to talk to the driver?
A. This question is asked frequently. As the passenger, you can let the driver know that you’ll be on the phone, emailing, reading or just having some quiet time on the journey. Likewise, if you start to talk with them, they’ll take your cue and chat with you for as long as you’d like to. It’s entirely up to you. Our drivers respond really well to clear feedback so please don’t be embarrassed to be clear on your preferences.

Q. Should I tip the driver?
A. As with all things Airport Lynx and Myhill’s Mini-Coaches, this is another area in which everything is to your discretion. If you feel that your driver has done an excellent job and would like to reward them with a tip, they will be very appreciative of it. Equally, even when the driver has done an excellent job, they do not in any way expect a tip so please do not feel that you need to offer one. We prefer to leave this entirely to your discretion.

We will add more Q and A to this post over time so please do re visit it periodically. If you have any experiences or Q and/or A suggestions, please do let us know – we love to hear your thoughts and contributions – it makes for comprehensive and supportive experiences for everyone and we really appreciate it.

You can book your Airport Lynx journeys via the website at, by email via or phone on 01223 440040 or via the app which is both Android and iPhone friendly.


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