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What do you love most about Airport Lynx? Our drivers? Our friendly booking team? Our tech which makes your life so much easier?

Would you help us with getting the word out about our service and standards?

We’re very proud to serve so many people and businesses across Cambridge and beyond. We’re even prouder that so many of our new customers come to us through word of mouth recommendation. We’ve done some work in recent months and found that new customers come to us because they hear other people talk about us. They then go to our website, social media or even revert to good old fashioned “googling” and check us out. It’s at this point, that the sheer number of reviews cement us as a possibility in a potential customer’s mind and they then call or email to ask for a quote and try us out.

We’re enjoying an unprecedented period of growth and we want that to continue. And this is where you can come in. We’d really like to have more reviews on our Google Business Page and Facebook page. With that in mind, we’ve decided to ‘share the love’ by taking every single one of our reviews we’ve ever had and putting them into a hat, on the morning of Wednesday 14th February and choosing one person’s review from it at random. That person will receive a gift of flowers and chocolates to say thank you to them, for loving our work and sharing it with other people.

Things to note:

  • If you’ve already written a review of our work, you’ll be entered into the giveaway. If you’d like to write another one, as an update on our work or for a different platform, you’d be very welcome to and we’ll include all your reviews as individual entries into the giveaway.
  • Even if you’ve written a review of our work and not felt that we provided our award winning service that we’re known for, we’ll still include your review in the giveaway.
  • If you’d like to write an updated review of our service, we’d be delighted to receive it.
  • The most important thing in this activity, is that we want to receive your honest feedback on our work. This is so important. We’re not looking for anyone to say that we provide an incredible service, unless that’s what you’ve received from us. Honest reviews are what have brought us to the amazing place of growth that we are in and we want that to continue.
  • This is open to everyone – you don’t need to have ever travelled in one of our cars. As an example, if you’ve called, emailed or sent a Facebook message asking for quotation, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our how we’ve provided that service to you. We’re looking for all kinds of feedback.
  • This is a free giveaway.
  • Even if your address is outside of somewhere that’s easily reachable on Wednesday 14th February, we’ll still ensure that roses and chocolates arrive on the day. We’ve sourced a supplier who can deliver same day, nationwide!
  • If you’d like to leave a review, you can choose to do it at any of the following places online:
    Airport Lynx’s Facebook Page
    Airport Lynx’s Google Business Page

So, that’s it. All reviews received up to midnight Tuesday 13th February 2018 will be added to the free prize giveaway. Thank you in advance to everyone who takes part. We hope you’ll find it to be fun and something positive to be part of!

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  • Maggie Gray says:

    I was so impressed with how helpful you were when the snow on the 10th December meant that everything ground to a halt. You rang me an hour ahead of my pick up time to warn me that all yours cars were stuck, and that the M11 was closing. You even booked me a local taxi to take me to Cambridge rail station so I could get the train to Stansted. Excellent service – polite, very helpful and friendly – and at a time that must have been causing a lot of stress in the office. (Despite these efforts, I still didn’t make it because first the trains and then my flight got cancelled!)

    • Airport Lynx says:

      Thank you so much for leaving that feedback. That Sunday saw a lot of snow (for Cambridge) fall in just 30 minutes! We’re so pleased that you appreciated our efforts to still get you to the flight. We’re just sorry that it and the trains were all cancelled. Claire and Jayne did an excellent job in the office. We look forward to serving you when you next travel – and hopefully – in better weather!

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