Duty of care at Airport Lynx

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In recent years, as we pitch our services to increasing numbers of new customers, we’ve noticed businesses becoming more articulate about duty of care and how it is to be met. It’s interesting to us, as historically we’ve not sold our service on the basis of our operating to meet duty of care needs. And yet, inherently, that’s what we do.

Airport Lynx is ahead of the curve in providing an exceptional duty of care in a number of ways:
1. Lynx Autocare
Our biggest advantage in our offering is of course, our in house garage. Lynx Autocare’s primary purpose is to provide in house servicing and mechanical facilities to our cars. They come into the garage every six weeks for a full service. We want to ensure that any small issues remain as just that – small issues. In servicing them frequently, we are able to spot and manage issues drivers may not even yet be aware of. Safety is paramount in our line of work but there is an additional benefit of managing our cars ourselves – we save on maintenance costs and organise passenger journeys in such a way that cars are kept on the road much more efficiently, which is itself another route to managing costs effectively.

2. Ongoing driver assessment
Our drivers undertake safe driving courses and assessments each year. Even though they take some time to implement, we have done this for a number of years because we see a real value in them. In fact, these advanced and safe driving courses are of unparalleled importance – everyone always has something new to learn and whilst experience is a benefit, we always encourage people to learn at every opportunity in both the driving and office teams.

3. Active journey management
We monitor, manage and service our vehicles with an unrivalled level of daily attention. Our controller screen is actively managed from 5am to 10pm daily. Phones are managed overnight by our in house team.
We provide feedback on an ad hoc and more structured basis to drivers and the rest of the team, using examples and screen shots of journeys to guide this and help them with their learning.

4. Mystery shopping
We also monitor and mystery shop all of our drivers and in house booking team regularly, in addition to monitoring driving as each transfer happens. Using an independent assessor enables them to see things which we might not notice and is great for helping us see new opportunities to improve our service.

5. Driver photographs
We’re also ahead of the curve because we provide photographs of our drivers within confirmations of bookings. When you’re coming out of an airport tired and jetlagged, it’s reassuring to be able to check who you are looking for. Similarly, it’s just as important to know who you’re expecting at your front door when you’re being collected at 4am. We take the time to ensure that we’re making travel as safe as we can.

6. Account security
We also provide pin numbers to a number of our account customers. This means that a member of staff has to use the pin number to make a booking. This helps businesses because it enables them to ensure that bookings are only made by authorised members of staff at appropriate times and that their corporate travel insurance policies are active whilst an employee is travelling.

I’m sure that there will be more that we do which provides excellent duty of care in ground transportation for businesses. In fact, it’s often our customers who tell us how our offering provides duty of care support to their teams – some of the things we do as common sense activities are the things which our customers most appreciate! If you have any thoughts on how we can serve you and your team as they travel please do let us know. We’re here on info@airportlynx.co.uk and always interested to hear your thoughts.

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