Joining the Airport Lynx team and how we’re sharing information as we grow.

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Hi, I’m Sammy. I’ve been with Airport Lynx since November and this is my first blog post. This isn’t so much a blog post. I prefer to see it as a sharing of information – in my new role of Marketing and Administration Assistant, the first task Liz set me was to write a post about team meetings.

In writing this blog post I had no idea what angle I should take, because I want to make sure I’m representing not just my own take on things. I spent many hours looking at other blogs and filled myself with angst. Bad idea. I felt like I needed to write some amazing thing that would influence every MD, Manager and Team leader across the world. Again, bad idea. So this is my ‘post of information’ about our own team meetings!

Since the Airport Lynx business and team have grown, our roles have changed and new ones have developed. Between answering the phones, managing journeys and monitoring our ever growing inbox, we’re all constantly working on different things.

Here’s the quick low down:

Steve: Obviously still the MD

Jayne: Accounting / The Queen of Everything

Liz: Marketing / Sales

Claire: Transport manager for Myhills (the minibuses)

Katie: Knows all there is to know about the day to day running of the office.

Jacqui: Runs the garage side of stuff! Also answers the phone & emails

Sammy: I’m newest member of the team, Liz’s #2, always on the phone or email (or asking Katie for advice)!

Since we all struggle to find 5 minutes in the day to keep each other updated, Steve introduced our fortnightly team meetings.

Steve updates us all on the ‘big’ things that are happening, then we discuss – last week this was about our new office (watch this space, eek!), new drivers and some of the changes that have happened in our roles. Then we go around the room and talk about at least one thing that we are working on individually.

Next week I am going to suggest some icebreakers; I was thinking two truths and one lie? Or Who am I – with the post-it notes on our head?  Then chat to everyone about how we could ‘Spark Joy’ in our new Lynx office and about the new parking ticket system I have developed with Jayne.

I hope from reading my first Lynx post that you’ll have some marvellous revelations on how to run your team meetings or brilliant ideas to bring to the table. But I doubt it – I would love to know how you run yours, or how you contribute to your team’s meeting. Shoot me an email or give me a phone call so we can discuss – we’re always up for new ideas.


Editors thoughts: Airport Lynx provides a luxury service where professional drivers are supported by an experienced and dedicated bookings team. We’re a family business and as we grow, we want to ensure that we continue to provide a very personal service – hence our inviting more members of the team to write posts. Who else would you like to hear from in the team? As ever, all thoughts, comments and feedback are appreciated – please email or call 01223 440040 – whichever is easiest for you. 

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