The A to Z of Airport Lynx

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The A to Z of Airport Lynx


We love talking with our customers but with everyone travelling as much as they do, we can’t spend as much time with everyone as we would like to! Our newsletter is a great halfway house which allows us to keep in touch and share updates on our work. Your feedback always asks us to provide more detail of how we ‘work our magic’. So it’s with this in mind, that we’re starting a new feature – the A to Z of Airport Lynx. Each month we will pick two, possibly three letters from the alphabet and use them as a way to help us think of how we can tell you more about Airport Lynx and how we work.

To kick us off, we’ve chosen the letter A.


In isolation, the booking of one journey from A to B is a simple activity. We need to know where you need to be collected from and where you are going to. If you’re heading to a flight, we’ll ask questions to ensure that sufficient time is allowed for the journey.

Once you start to put hundreds of these journeys together over a 24 hour period, life becomes more interesting from an administrative perspective. The logistics of who needs to be where and when are handled separately and utilise our technology which is second to none at maximising efficiencies for everyone’s benefit. The administration comes in before and after the journey.

Before the journey, if you book by email or phone, one of our bookings team will act as an administrator, ensuring that they details are in the system correctly. Once your journey has happened, we check it to ensure that it is documented correctly and appropriately for moving to managed accounts and payment.

As I type this post, the administration of bookings is currently managed by Katie, Claire, Sammy, Jacqui and Annie, with Steve and Jayne providing additional support as needed, whilst also managing their own areas of operations and finance respectively. Each person in the team also has their own area to manage within the business, so there’s never any ‘down time’.

Of course, administration processes within the booking team constantly evolve – one of the fundamental parts of our most recent win at the national Pro Driver awards for innovation recognised how we are flexing as a bookings team, being open to trying new things, managing administratively and efficiently, whilst still being as human as possible. We continue to grow and this means that we need more staff and more people to work on appropriate shifts to provide our legendary administrative support to the travellers, bookers and drivers to make everything happen as smoothly as it does. By being open to change, we’re able to evolve and keep moving forwards, which is what, on so many levels, is the purpose of our work in the first place!

(Other things we considered writing about under the letter “A”. Awards – why we put so much effort into entering them. And aeroplanes – why we love them and where we’d like to go in one…)

Our second letter for this edition is Y.

At Airport Lynx we like to say “yes” to our customers and to each other within the team. If a customer asks for something, we like to say “yes, we can do that”. Why? Because we know that we need to listen to our customers when they ask for something if we are to keep being their first choice for car transfers. In fact, finding ways to say “yes” is one of our competitive advantages.

Last year, we met with a potential customer and they mentioned that what they really wanted, was the ability to add their car bookings into their calendars just as they did when they booked flights. We said we’d go away and look into it. Within two months, that facility was live within our system and it’s now being used by the majority of our business travel bookers! Being able to say “yes, we’ll go and look into that” and then “yes, it’s now live” is a great experience. We can’t always say “yes” though. Sometimes, we have to let people know that something won’t work at that point because of how it would impact something else. Or because it couldn’t be applied for everyone. But where we can, we do. We actively look for the “yes” moments. Because it’s great to be able to help and it’s great to be able to make life easier for everyone, isn’t it?

(Other things we considered writing about under the letter “Y”. Yellow cars – who actively chooses one? Do they know it’s going to make the small – and not so small people – who count seeing them on the roads as happy as it does? Or is it just because they love the colour yellow?)

Stayed tuned for our next instalment next month. We haven’t decided what to write about yet, so it will as much of a surprise for you as it will for us!

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