The A to Z of Airport Lynx – S

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The A to Z of Airport Lynx – S … Service

My first thought, when writing about something starting with the letter S was that it should be focused on Steve Russell as he set up the business and inspired everything that it is today. But if I asked him about what he’d want me to say, I know he’d tell me that the business is not about him – it’s about the service which we all provide to our customers and potential customers. So that’s what I will write about instead. Service is at the heart of everything we do. I think that sometimes, it can tricky to appreciate just how great an impact it has on a business’s success. Service is such an interesting concept and it is discussed every single day within the bookings team.

Moreover, when we interview potential drivers, we talk about the importance of service – how it needs to be something which they are truly comfortable with. There’s no point having a driver who resents holding a door for someone else or carrying luggage. It’s got to be something that they feel effortlessly comfortable with – you can just tell when someone doesn’t want to serve someone else.

Within the Airport Lynx bookings team, providing an excellent service requires us all to very empathetic and frankly, human. We need to know what the process is and what needs to happen to make sure a customer is collected on time and gets to their destination safely – but it’s just as important that we speak, email or message with them in a way that lets them know that we’re really happy to help them and that we appreciate the trusting role we are given in taking them, their colleagues or family members from A to B. Service means that when a mistake is made, we don’t make a customer feel inept for it – we reassure them that these things happen and that we’ll do all we can to help them put things right. We treat people just as we’d like to be treated.

We love it when our existing customer recommend us on to other people – especially when they say that they wouldn’t consider anyone else because our service is like nothing else they’ve ever experienced. When customers leave their phones or wallets in our cars, we arrange for drivers to meet each other en route at crossover points to try and reunite them with them before their flights leave. When a customer forgets their passport we see if we can find another driver who is on a later journey to take it to them at the airport. We don’t need to do this – but being human, and knowing that we’re able to leverage our resources and technology to do this, it just makes sense to help where we can.

When I was myself taken to the airport recently it was by one of our newer drivers – he didn’t know that I work for the business – and it was great to hear him talk about how the business was like nothing he’d ever seen before. He’d decided to join us because of our high standards and high expectations – he felt it would help him know exactly what would and wouldn’t happen in his work and that it was clear as to how he could do an excellent job. It was so good to hear that – if we’re making it easy for drivers to do their jobs well, it minimises the possibilities for anything going wrong and of course in the unlikely event that it does, means that we all know just what would need doing to remedy it.

What does service mean for you? Professionally and personally? We’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on service and how it positively – or otherwise – affects your experiences!


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