The A to Z of Airport Lynx – R – Reliability

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The A to Z of Airport Lynx – R – Reliability

There’s only one thing that we can write about for the letter R – reliability. Of course, the bookings team will tell me that I’m tempting fate by writing about this but reliability is something which we really are very proud of at Airport Lynx. At it’s most basic level, it’s important that when we say we’ll be outside your house 4am, we’re there. It’s important that you can safely expect our drivers to know where they are going and how to safely take alternate routes should anything go wrong during the journey.

Before your journey begins, you’ll benefit from our reliability – our decades of combined experience in the bookings team enable us to help you remove as many elements of chance as possible from your journey. When talking or emailing with customers, we check your flight number, date and time – and make sure that you’re up to date on both the estimated journey durations and the amount of time you need to leave from point of check in. Our experience and ability to utilise technology means that we can guide you to depart at an appropriate time.

During the journey, you’ll see our drivers using their tablets to guide them on the route and how it is developing. In using a larger screen – at tablet size instead of a phone, you can also see what’s happening at a glance, providing reassurance.

Of course, in any discussion of reliability, we need to consider the very small number of times when something goes wrong – when there is a problem it’s usually when a driver is stuck in traffic en route to collect you. When that does happen, because we’re tracking all journeys, there’s still a reliability to it – because we’re able to call and let you know that there may be an issue and what you can expect to happen from that point.

What does reliability mean for you? We’d love to hear of your experiences of it in action in your everyday life – and even of times when things haven’t gone to plan. Why? Because there’s always an opportunity to learn and evolve, and it’s even better if we can learn from the experiences of others….


If you’re a regular Airport Lynx customer who usually books by phone or email, why not try booking with our app? You can download the apple app or the android app here – they are very easy to use and mean that you can book whenever and from wherever suits you. Of course, we’re always happy to take your bookings by phone on 01223 440040 or email at

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