24 hours in… Sydney

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Whilst I haven’t been to Sydney myself, I do have friends who are Aussies and they’ve confirmed my research as being a) what they’d do and b) including a couple of things they’d not thought of themselves!

As with any other work travel, the trick to making the most of being there is establishing a number of things you can do as and when – and if – some free time does come up. Sydney is great for that because it’s an eclectic mix of old and new and brings something for pretty much anyone. With the weather being so good over there, if you’re free in the morning, skip the hotel continental and head outside – start looking over the water with an outdoors breakfast. Takeaway coffee and a pastry is recommended by The Little Grey Box – and we can see why!

As you’re at the water, you can decide if you want to either go in the iconic Opera House, or take a boat to see it from the water. If you go for the former, don’t worry a stranger walks up to you and says “Are you Rob?” – more than 2,000 first dates happen each year at the Opera House, so chances are that there’s someone looking for someone else, throughout the day! If you want to really get to know more of the Opera House, the tours run from 9am to 5pm each day and take around an hour. Find more about Sydney Opera House tours here…

If you’re enjoying the good weather, you’ll love touring Sydney harbour by boat. Sydney Harbour Boat Tours are trip advisors number one rated provider for four years – and we can see why. Their tours are on small boats which makes it possible for them to really get up close to more interesting places. Look at all the places you they go to…

If all this activity has made you hungry, you could head over to Two Good Eggs cafe in Surry Hills – not Surrey but Surry. It’s a trendy part of Sydney so it’s a great place to people watch. They are of course famous for their eggs, but they also do a huge range of other foods as well – which do you like the look of?

If you’re in meetings through the morning and early afternoon, but find yourself with time a bit later on, you’ll want to head to Bondi and the beach. It takes just twenty minutes to get there in a cab – and all roads seem to lead to Bondi so you may as well go with the flow. The Bondi beach club is as famous as the beach itself – it has a swimming pool which seems to be ‘on top of’ the sea.

Once you’re in ‘Bondi Bubble’ you won’t want to leave – choose from hanging out and dining at the trendy restaurants and bars, walking the clifftops for amazing views and shopping on Gould Street which is famous for fashion and high end shopping. As the sun begins to set, you’ll appreciate the waterfront location of North Bondi Fish – being beside such an expanse of sea means it’s natural that so many people go for seafood. At the moment it is open for Winter hours, which to us is still sunshine, Wednesday to Sunday, from 12 noon onwards. Read more about North Bondi Fish here...

If you’re looking for nightlife, research your venues before you go out – many bars close by midnight and there are city laws which means that although places do stay open longer, you’ll need to research and find them before setting out.

So, that’s 24 hours in Sydney. If you have any favourite spots or places to recommend, please add them in the comments below. As a bonus, when you head back to the Airport, make sure you find Kitchen by Mike. It kept coming up in our research – only for us to find that the two branches are at the airport! We can’t do it justice with our own words, so we’ll let them sell it instead… “Kitchen by Mike is about creating a shared experience around wholesome, generous and responsibly sourced food.” And with photos like this of their offerings, I imagine you’ll need to get in the queue!

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