The A to Z of Airport Lynx – B – Beautiful

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Is there a word associated with Airport Lynx that starts with B? That comes to your mind instantly? In all honesty, my first thought was ‘biased’ !! I love working at Airport Lynx, so I am aware that I am biased in all I write and say about the business. But I know that doesn’t really have much more mileage, so I’m going with the second word that comes to mind – beautiful.

Beautiful isn’t really a word that I hear used in many business conversations. Businesses are usually associated with profit, product or cause. But maybe it should be? Even though I’ve seen the drivers and their cars for a number of years, I still feel a surge of pride when I see them on the road – they really do look beautiful. This has led me to think about other ways in which I see beauty within Airport Lynx:

When a customer has a truly beautiful experience with us, they will be much more likely to tell others about it and encourage other people to use us. They are also more likely to give us a testimonial which we can share with others.

When we show our technology offering to potential they often comment on how ‘beautifully simple’ it is to use.

When we ask our drivers to undertake travel to transfer customers from A to B, we ask them to be beautifully presented and ensure that their cars are beautifully clean every time they are on the road.

When we send booking confirmations it’s a beautiful process – it all happens automatically. In the pre journey update there’s even a photograph of the driver with it – the latter never ceases to make me feel proud because we are the only business to provide this and also, because it’s another example of our attention to detail in action, which is itself a beautiful thing.

Do you see beauty in your work? We’d love to hear of examples of it if you do – you can email your thoughts to or leave them as a comment below…


Next time you need to go to an airport or meeting, whether it’s for business or pleasure, remember to book with us at, or via the android or apple apps. We’re also here on or 01223 440040 if it’s easier for you to book that way. Whatever works for you, works for us.


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