The A to Z of Airport Lynx – P – Price

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We’re often asked about our approach to pricing, how we decide who to discuss this with, the details we provide and how we mange the conversations. Historically, people have questioned why a company would talk openly about what they charge. Within Airport Lynx, this is easy to answer. It works because it’s easy to see what we charge for a journey – head on over to and use our free online quote system. You don’t need to enter your card details – the price will automatically adjust in the bottom left hand corner so that you can see the cost without them.

Aside from the practicalities of that, we feel it’s important to discuss pricing regularly with our customers. We haven’t had an increase in the cost of our work for four years. That’s not to say that it won’t go up in the future – it’s just that within the team, we’re proud that we’ve been able to work so efficiently despite the varying prices around us.

More broadly, price is an interesting concept – when I ask people about pricing, the two phrases I hear are  ‘you get what you pay for’ and ‘nothing in life comes for free’. Airport Lynx is not the cheapest in our local market but we certainly are not the most expensive. In fact, we’ve had a newly joined customer query why we’d not put our prices up this year, as they’d budgeted for it and were waiting for it to happen! We are comfortable with this. We – and therefore our customers – reap the benefits of our team being fairly paid – everyone is happy and without fail, gives the best of themselves consistently to customers, which in turn of course, means that they tell others about us and we continue to grow. Even better, we grow with customers who are coming to us with reasonable expectations of what they will receive for the cost of their journey.

Aside from that, we also look at our pricing itself. In our day to day work, there are a number of fixed costs – cars, staffing, petrol, insurance and other regular overheads. How we manage efficiencies within them is an art form and changes regularly. Nonetheless, it is important to do that because we want to be as competitive as we can, whilst maintaining the high standards which we are known for. We talk frequently about our standards – within the team they are the stuff of folk lore – drivers and cars are beautifully presented and our state of the art office technology is brought to life by a skilled and experienced bookings team. Seth Godin wrote that “Perhaps the reason price is all your customers care about is because you haven’t given them anything else to care about.” And we can see the logic in that – our customers care about the service they receive from us. Our customers want a car and driver which is on time, safe and is well presented. They appreciate that the provision of this incurs a cost and trust that we are doing all we can to minimise that for them. So perhaps that’s actually why we’re successful – we trust our customers, drivers and team and they trust us?

Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, Airport Lynx and our dedicated fleet of drivers are ready to take you from A to B safely and in style. Book online at, call the team on 01223 440040 or email You can of course also download the app and make bookings via an android or apple phone – more people use this every day and if you need any help, please let us know.

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