Meet The Driver – Samir Perseku

by  This month’s driver is Samir Perseku who joined us early this year. You will find Samir driving one of our executive Mercedes. Samir is from Albania and has lived … Continue Reading →


Meet The Driver – Kevin Hobday

by This month’s feature driver is Kevin Hobday, Kevin drives one of our Mercedes Vianos which is a large MPV. When I asked Kevin what he loved most about the … Continue Reading →


How to get to London Heathrow from Cambridge

by   With Christmas coming, if you’ll excuse the pun, there’s no doubt that you’re all seasoned travellers, but it may come as a surprise to you to find that … Continue Reading →

Meet The Staff: Elliot Fletcher

by We’re really pleased to introduce Elliot Fletcher, who has been working for Airport Lynx for the past ten months. Initially Elliot was driving our eco friendly Toyota Prius but recently … Continue Reading →

6 Unusual Airport Lynx Passengers

by At Airport Lynx we really enjoy meeting all of our customers. You are such a varied bunch; business travellers from all sorts of different sectors, holidaymakers, students, celebrities and … Continue Reading →

The Importance of Professionalism

by Being professional is easy- it just means you get paid for what you do! Even businesses performing badly can claim to be professional, until they run out of customers! … Continue Reading →


Chrysler Voyager

by One of the latest additions to our executive fleet is a top-of-the-range Chrysler Voyager. I have to be honest: before the car arrived, I was convinced that I wouldn’t … Continue Reading →


Quality is more than skin deep.

by Quality Cars What makes one car a prestige motor and another an ordinary vehicle?  Is it just a badge?  Or is there more to the Mercedes star and Jaguar … Continue Reading →


Whatever happened to Herbie, the Emigrating Hound?

  • By Airport Lynx
  • 22 February, 2013
  • Comments Off on Whatever happened to Herbie, the Emigrating Hound?

by Howdy there, folks.  Remember me?  I’m Herbie – you know, the dog who moved to the U S of A with my family back in May. Gee whizz, I’m … Continue Reading →

Electric Dreams

by I attended a Cambridge Cleantech event recently about the future of low carbon emission vehicles. As an airport transfer company, our carbon footprint is pretty heavy and, although we … Continue Reading →