An image of Claire.

Claire Wombwell

We’d love for you to meet Claire Wombwell. Claire is our Transport Manager for Myhills – she knows all there is to know about minibuses and if you need one, she’s the go-to girl.

Part of Claire’s resilience comes from being a lifelong Cambridge United fan – she goes to home and away games and holds the faith when others are wavering. You wouldn’t know that she’s Cambridge born and bred to talk to her though – living in Ireland and France has given her a much more European accent! These days, you’ll find her back in Teversham though, so when you tell her your address, don’t be surprised when she says “Oh I know that place” and really does know where it is!

Claire has impressed the whole team since our first meeting with her – she was determined to show us that she has a full knowledge of the phonetic alphabet! Claire got so tired of people spelling her surname wrongly that she decided to make sure people couldn’t get it wrong any more by learning how to literally spell the letters out for others: we told you she’s a stickler for the details ;)

We asked Claire what she likes about working as part of the Airport Lynx team – she replied that she’s most proud of the service we provide.

Have you spoken to Claire? Could you hear a hint of an accent? We think it adds to her mystique and top secret status, don’t you?