An image of Jayne.

Jayne Russell

We’re pleased to introduce Jayne Russell! Jayne really enjoys working as part of our team and would like to see Airport Lynx continue to grow and thrive, while maintaining the personal service we’re known for.

In a chauffeur, Jayne looks for a friendly, polite driver with a clean car who makes the journey feel safe and enjoyable, which is important for both business and leisure travellers.

We’re always interested to hear what our team would do with a lottery win (after handing their notice in!) - Jayne has a bigger house and garden on her wish list and plenty of hot beach holidays with her family.

Jayne isn’t impressed by the rich and famous. The two people who inspire her the most are her mum - the strongest and kindest woman she knows, who goes the extra mile without being asked and Steve - who built Airport Lynx whilst supporting his growing family, has broad shoulders, never asks for thanks and always looks at every situation positively. We think these are pretty good role models!