An image of Piotr.


Piotr has been interested in cars all of his life. One of his earliest memories is of his own Dad wanting to have a car but not being able to afford one. He finally achieved his dream of car ownership at the age of 40 and Piotr was determined to have one of his own – to experience the freedom that they bring – before that age himself. Sure enough, Piotr took his driving test at the age of 20 and passed first time. It’s a good job that he did as he’d already bought a car and secured a job with a high end retailer which would require him to drive regularly!

Upon moving to the UK 14 years ago, Piotr began driving in London. Whilst he loved the driving, he wasn’t as keen on the standards of driving around him and after seven years, he moved out to St Ives for a slightly slower pace of life and driving pressures.