An image of Steve.

Steve Russell

In 2011, Steve merged two successful businesses to provide an unrivalled service for Cambridge's busy travellers under the long established name of Airport Lynx. Despite owning and managing the company, Steve still finds time to drive and blog (separately of course!). His current car is a far cry from the old red mini that his dad bought him at auction, but when his lottery numbers come up, Steve will upgrade to an Aston Martin. Steve once drove all the way to the Algarve in a lorry in the summer, which must earn him an award in endurance and patience! While driving, Steve can be heard humming along to tunes on the local radio stations. He likes to be constantly updated with news from home and afar, and is interested in all sorts of topics- not just traffic reports! His favourite time to drive is 5am on a Sunday morning, with the roads to himself, no doubt his favourite drink- hot, sweet, caffinated cappucinno makes this time of the day more bearable!

Steve is very camera shy. He thinks that people will be able to recognise him from this picture. What do you think? If you have a better photo of him, please send it in so we can update our records!